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Worshipping the Nine forms of Goddess Aadishakti Durga

सुरेंदर यादव

According to Sharadiya Navratra Hindu Panchang calendar, the nine forms of Goddess Aadishakti Durga are worshipped during the shukla paksha of Ashwin month. People do sthapana of kalash on Ashwin shuklapaksh pratipada and this makes the beginning of Shardiya Navratra festival. The nine forms of Goddess Durga are magnificently described in Markandeya Puran. Worshipping her various forms has cited many miraculous benefits in the scripture too. Keeping fast and performing puja during this period endow the devotee with miraculous results.


Goddess Shailputri is considered the Goddess of 'Akhand Saubhayavati'. On the first day of Navratri, devotees concentrate their powers in Muladhar chakra and begin the Yogsadhana. The significance of stability, permanence and constancy is topmost in our life. Hence, on this day we should worship the Goddess for bringing power, stability, strength and steadiness. Worshipping her brings stability in our life. She is the daughter of Himalaya and hence this way we worship the form of nature too. Worshipping this form of Goddess is considered best and auspicious for ladies.


The goddess should be offered cow ghee and same should be donated on her name. By doing this, the person gets free from illness and various kinds of problems.


On the second day of Navratri, Goddess Bramhacharini is worshipped. She detonates the power of Bramha and the power of austerity. Worshipping the Goddess Bramhacharini offers remarkable results. Apart from this she also fulfils many heartfelt desires. Therefore we should meditate on our swadhishthan chakra to get strength and siddhi and attain victory.


On dwitiya tithi of hindi calendar i.e. on second day, the Goddess should be worshipped by offering sugar and same should be donated too. By doing this, the devotee gets blessed with a long life.


The third day of Navratri, is devoted to the Goddess Chandraghanta. This powerful Goddess is the form of Shivdooti mata. Her head has an image of half bell or half moon and for this reason she is called as Goddess Chandraghanta . During the war with the demons, the Goddess Chandraghanta rang the bells in the battlefield and brought them to death. By worshipping her form the devotee can make his Manipur chakra active and can attain many kinds of siddhi/ powers automatically. Furthermore, he becomes free from various worldly crises and predicaments too.


On the third date of Navratri, the Goddess should be offered milk and same should be donated. By doing this, one gets free from various types of calamities.


The fourth day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Kushmanda. This fourth form of Goddess Durga gave birth to the entire Universe. For this reason, she is named as Goddess Kushmanda. By worshipping the Goddess Kushmanda, we activate our Anahat chakra. Our all diseases, gloominess and illness get wiped out. In addition to that the devotees get sanctified with longevity, name, fame, good health and physical and spiritual happiness.


The Goddess should be offered malpua on the chaturthi tithi of Navratra and same should be donated. All kinds of dilemmas gets washed out automatically and focus in life is gained.


According to our religious scriptures, on the fifth day of Navratri, Goddess Skandmata is worshipped. During the devasur sangram, she being the mother of God Skand, the fifth form of Goddess is termed as Goddess Skandmata. By worshipping her the native gets blessed with ultimate peace and happiness. He also improves on his military operation.


The Goddess should be offered bananas on the fifth day of Navratra. The fruit should be distributed among the poor too. It brings happiness and peace at home.

Goddess Katyayani

On the sixth day of Navratri, Goddess Aadishakti Katyayani is worshipped. After being happy with the prayers and austerity of Maharshi Katyayan, the aadishakti Durga took birth at her home and became her daughter. For this reason, she is revered by the name of Goddess Katyayani. By worshippng her form on this day, one activates his aagya chakra and attains related powers. He gets filled with exceptional aura, and powers. Furthermore, all his illnesses, gloominess and terrors of life get eliminated automatically.


On the shashthi tithi which is the sixth day of Navratra, the Goddess is offered the bhog of honey and it should be offered in the form of donation too. It invites money flow towards the home.


The seventh day is of Goddess Kalratri. It is believed that she brings an end of bad times and for this reason she is called as Kaal ratri. By worshipping her this form, one activates his Bhanu chakra. Revering her form eliminates all kinds of terrors from our mind. It also gives defeat to our enemies and one has a win-win attitude as victory knocks his door.


The Goddess should be offered jaggery or the sweets made up of jiggery. It brings an end to poverty too. Mahagauri The eighth form of Aadishakti Durga is Mahagauri. By worshipping Mahagauri, the individual activates his som-chakra on his frontal and the devotee gets blessed with all types of powers related with this chakra. When Goddess Mahagauri is happy,, she sanctifies the individual with all types of happiness. Moreover, she also provides peace to our mind and heart.


The Goddess should be offered the bhog of coconut and same should be donated too. It brings prosperity to our home.


The last and the ninth day of Navratri are of Goddess Siddhidatri. The Goddess sanctifies the individual with all types of siddhi or powers. As a result of her blessings, the devotees fulfils all his desires and nothing remains impossible for them.


The Goddess should be offered the bhog of different kinds of food grains and the grains should be donated to the poor people too. It assists the individual to attain ecstasy and prosperity in this world and the other world too.


Author : सुरेंदर यादव
Published on : 2017-09-07


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